Survival of the fittest!

I love kits. You give me a grab bag of stuff you tell me I need and I will 100% believe you and open the package with a brimming excitement,. So here while I should be nailing down a venue or perhaps picking out a dress, I am instead lusting after the kits and Ms. & Mrs, They have gift kits for bridesmaid, MOG’s, MOH’s and even for guys!

Love it!

Check it out

They are pretty affordable and the packaging is great!

I finally contacted a wedding planner, and am begging for a bit of guidance. Her name is Amanda Mcphail and she is incredible. Impeccable taste and great in every aspect of her craft. She is Creative Affairs and she is brilliant! Hopefully she can tether me down so we can plan this thing.

Right now it seems we have narrowed down our plane to either a backyard wedding or a yacht. Worlds apart and definitely until some money starts rolling in, that’s as far as its going to go. As of now the wedding is in San Diego… or wait, maybe Brooklyn… or perhaps Colorado. Oh dear, that’s 2 steps back at least.

Its hot, its been a great weekend. Fingers crossed that I land one of the jobs I am interviewing for this week as the dresses I like most are well over what anyone should pay for a single garment and the shoes I’ve got my eye on have bright red soles…

Heaven help us.

Happy Fourth of July weekend!

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