Girlfriend’s are a gift!

As I begin to think about the wedding more and more, my biggest wish is to have a joyful, giggling glass of champagne with my wonderful girlfriends. I am blessed to have amazing and beautiful women in my life who enrich my journey every day. When it came time to choose my wedding party, I knew exactly which women whom I should choose. Of course I was torn and wanted to have about 20 bridesmaids, but I had to narrow it down to five brilliant women. I love these girls so much and each and every one of them has saved me in my turbulent past at least once, if not more. I love them and am so excited at the prospect of sharing this day with them and the other wonderful strong vibrant women in my life.

The older I get the more I truly realize just how invaluable girlfriends are. As I watch my mother with her friends I have realized that these women are the strength you need as you face, life, birth, death and all of the rocky bumps along the way.

I have started to brainstorm about the perfect gifts and favors for these ladies and my girlfriends for the shower and bachelorette party – there is a ton of great stuff out there. There is also some not so great stuff out there. I know I’ll find the perfect gift, until I do, I’ll keep looking.

Here’s my link for the day!

Philosophy – the bridal party – So cute, I love all of their bath gels – the packaging is so sweet!

Have a wonderful day – Thank you so much for reading!


One thought on “Girlfriend’s are a gift!

  1. Insightful and dear post, Jenni. I want more pictures!

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