Howdy Bookie

We booked our date and venue!!!!

How will we pay for it you ask? Especially since I am having a very expensive surgery to fix a costly mistake I made in my early 20’s. Alex is worried, my parents are apprehensive, but I feel great! Fear not young pals… it will all be fine. By the power of positive thinking all will not be lost but rather found.

We will make it work, somehow it will all come together. Our venue is gorgeous and again you can check it out via our planner’s extraordinary site – Creative Affairs by Amanda!

Check it out, she has taken control and now we just have to work our buns off to pay for this thing.

Our Date? June 11, 2011

Location? San Diego, California (Gaslamp)

It feels really good!

This is really happening!!!

Freak outs to follow I am sure.

I found the most incredible invitation and stationary while watching Martha Stewart “Wedding Ideas” (Poor Alex). You have got to check out this guys work – Felix Doolittle. Its amazing hand painted custom stuff. Its pricey, but very cool!

Thanks for reading!


PS – As I am going in for surgery tomorrow I may be down for a bit but we’ll talk soon!

2 thoughts on “Howdy Bookie

  1. Chris says:

    Ooooh congrats….cali

  2. afikse says:

    yay! so excited for your progress! The worst part of planning is almost over! Your planner looks amazing! I got a planner and it has been the best decision I have yet to make re: wedding planning! Good luck on your surgery tomorrow! I will be thinking and praying for you!

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