And we’re back!

Hi All –

I am back and feeling good, surgery looks to have a been a success and now I can get on with this whole shebang. I got a job, actually procured the exact job I wanted, with a ton of room to grow and evolve.

We have booked our venue and next is choosing the menu – I have gotten a few quotes, holy crap. $10,000 for food? Are you kidding me? This is insanely out of control.

As of now our guest list is at 148, we are looking to cut that down to 100 and perhaps even bring it down to 80. I unfortunately am quite worried about having it on the west coast as that will absolutely lead to causalities from the east coast side.

I am learning that you can’t make everyone happy, and at the moment you pander to much you run the risk of losing sight of what was important to you. So many people to please, so little time.

That said I am excited about all of this, it’s really starting to take shape and I think its going to be a really fun party, a celebration of friends, family and most importantly good food and drink! I am Italian, Alex is Russian – there is no excuse for not feeding our guests well!

We have the option of bringing in our own liquor, which is great because I am a REALLY picky Winophile. Some of my friends and family have mentioned how cool it would be to have guests bring their own bottle to share. Your thoughts? I think this is tacky kegger behavior, but then I am irrational about most things and am a control freak.

How cute are these mustaches? Clicky I don’t know how yet but I think I am going to try to work them into my centerpieces! Stachetastic!

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “And we’re back!

  1. elizabeth says:

    The stache is a must! LOVE you!

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