Work dat booty

I flippantly referred to girls attempting to become emaciated for their wedding. I really did not mean that as negatively as it came out.

I have found among friends and lovely ladies in my family that the most popular diet of choice for big events is starvation. Which is NOT good. You screw up your metabolism, you become a crazy batty nut and lash out on those around you.

I fully support putting in place a workout regime and refining you diet in order to get ready for the big day. I actually wrote an article about fitness regimes – Check it!

Another great way to get in shape is to

a. Start walking – everywhere

b. Cut white foods (ie bread, sugar, cheese etc.)

c. Drink lots of water and green tea

d.cut the booze

A super cute book for helping add spice to the workout is Buff Brides(Available free here!), really easy to follow step by step workout ideas.

I find that stress makes me heavy so my plan for the next 331 days (eek!) is to take her easy and just go with what this journey throws at me. What is going to happen will and I’d rather look good while it all comes together than become a crazy freak out bridezilla, that is so not a good look… for anyone.

As always, I thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day!

~Jenni (It’s my birthday!)

One thought on “Work dat booty

  1. jamiemalone says:

    What if you only eat orange cheese? And does beer count as booze? I like to think of it as mommy’s magic stress reliever juice, which should be in its own category of essentials for sanity. Beer and homemade snickerdoodles. Oh, and Its Its. Nom! Okay, I’m stopping now. Love you, miss you and I think you are amazing.

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