You’re putting that where?

Food, food, food.

It’s the most important and most expensive aspect of a wedding. You may be saying “oh no, it’s venue, or dress, or shoes” (g-d bless you) but in actuality this is the one part of a wedding that speak to every single one of your guests no matter what the age, race, or socioeconomic status. It is the zeitgeist from whence all goodness or disgrace will flow.

All right, perhaps that’s a bit over the top but food is very important.  Alex and I come from two very different worlds. He was raised in an immigrant family fresh from Odessa, while I was raised in Southern California. The typical Russian event menu features raw fish (heads still attached) and Lamb Shish Kebab, oh yeah, and a ton of Vodka shots.

I tend to like foie gras, a nice cheese plate, perhaps a rare Filet Mignon and an exceptional wine. I am sure you can see the disconnect. We fought a lot about food in the beginning of our relationship as his idea of a good meal was ribs at Applebee’s and I was fonder of the tasting menu at One if by Land. We have found common ground, in upscale sandwich restaurants and, both being adventurous, enjoy a great round of nontraditional tapas.

So rather than have a sit down formal meal, we have decided to try a small plates option, I am still waiting on the sample menu from the caterer as she wants to customize our quote, but it looks like we’ll be doing 4 courses of small plates. In addition, the Russian tradition is a ton of food all night long, not just a meal and then on to the party, the food is all part of it. With this option, a guest can eat all night long if that’s what’s on his agenda, or if there’s a picky eater in the house (Lisa!) they can eat precisely what they want when they want to. It’s genius, though not the norm, if you ask me.

Another aspect to out union is the Chuppah. Alex is Jewish and I am a Christian with Jewish roots. We are going to have a nontraditional mixing of the two ceremonies. But we will be united under a Chuppah – A Chuppah (Hebrew: חוּפָּה‎, pl. חוּפּוֹת, chuppot, literally, “canopy” or “covering”), also spelled hupah, huppah, chupah, or chuppa, is a canopy under which a Jewish bride and groom stand during their wedding ceremony (Wikipedia).

Daily Candy recently Featured Fashion designer Traci Kaye and her custom Chuppahs – I have reached out to her to design ours.  Check it out!

I hope that you enjoyed this most recent installment. Thank you for reading!


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