All is not yet lost

Hi All –

So we have lost our date and now have holds on June 12th and July 9th. I have no idea how we will come up with the money for the deposit as we have huge bills for my surgery and my school.

My initial idea was to try to have the wedding on Sunday which would cancel out the issue of the Chuppah and Shabbat (timing) and would also enable us to have a nice long party weekend, with a ton of fun costume changes! But Alex has vetoed it. He wants people to have the option of flying home Sunday if they so desire. He did not like my suggestion for people to take the redeye home on Sunday night, which in retrospect is a tad abusive.

Alex's Choice for his attire.

So we will continue to move forward even though we will surely be booted from our July 9th date as it will be at least a good four months before we are financially in the clear again enough to come up with the sizable deposit.

I am surprisingly calm about the whole thing and really am not ready to start planning. When I start to dip my toe in the pond of choices, I get stressed or angry. One of Alex groomsmen responded to his request that they buy a navy vest and pants with a question about whether or not he could simply wear a black vest instead. I about lost my shizz. Not really sure what planet that kind of thing is acceptable on but not mine and certainly not at my (sorry, OUR) wedding.

That’s all for now folks.

Here is a great option for wedding websites – Cute name too, clicky here for NearlyWeds!

Thanks for reading ~ Jenni

One thought on “All is not yet lost

  1. Jamie Malone says:

    Haha, the groomsman’s request to wear a black vest reminds me of my wedding when everyone made a big deal out of me picking colors for the dresses, which I didn’t care about. Not happy with my initial response of everyone wearing whatever color they wanted, my family convinced me to selecting a color. Then they immediately went to the store and bought whatever color dresses they felt like. Hang in there, it only gets worse before it gets better. Love you to pieces.

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