Back back back it up…

I received an email today from our wedding planner extraordinaire (Amanda McPhail)stating that our original wedding date June 11th is now back open because the girl who bumped us out of the date couldn’t get the church she wanted so she is doing her wedding in September….

“Ladies and Gentleman please keep your hands and feet inside the car while it is moving. permanecer sentado por favor, remain seated please.”

Listen, I never thought this would be easy, but all of this turbulence is bound to make a girl a bit green in the gills. I know it could be worse, in fact today I say a pretty girl getting ready to board the subway at 59th and 5th sweating her bustled buns off, with her equally perspiring bridesmaids gathered around her, a sticky photographer slumped in a bench, his camera plastered to his sweat stained chest. I kid you not! Here’s a pic, it’s from across the platform, sorry no zoom on the ancient silver iPhone.

Sweaty bride and perspiring party.

I am content and happy, in a warm fuzzy place. I can feel that at some point in the future I’ll be frazzled, worried and that saddens me. I want to enjoy this process, but I have a ton of debt from school (thanks new school for taking away my scholarship and failing to notify me this summer, I am super stoked to owe 3K for a class I am about to fail) and my recent surgery.  It will be at least November before Alex and I will be able to fork up the dough for the deposit on our venue. By that time we will surely be pushed out of our June 11th spot yet again.

Despite all of the above I am excited to get married and to have some babies. So this in one day in the rest of our lives and I know that it will be a super fun night and that no matter who shows up and who does not we’ll have a blast. It will be the highlight of our year, though the biggest highlights of our lives will come in the future. Thanks to Mama Olga, I am starting to see the glimmer of that truth at the end of the tunnel.

It’s not the end all, be all of either of our existences and Alex and I will be fine spending whatever we need to spend. We’ll find just the right amount of wiggle room within our budget to make things shimmer and shine, just how we have dreamed.

Lets hear it for the boys! I have shown a ton of fun stuff for the ladies, so now its only fair to impart some good will to the male side of the aisle. Here is a site just for guys… not the prettiest site I have ever seen but here you go sweet Alex and cohorts – Check out There seems to be a lot of stuff about the bachelor party… we won’t go there just yet.

Thank you for reading as always. Hope this post finds you happy and thriving!


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