Square one ish-le-claus

Oh my dear readers… We are experiencing torrential down pours, cyclones, tornados and the like in our little wedding planning adventure.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. Our venue is unknown yet again. My brilliant MOH pt 2 stopped by the venue to check it out and deemed it a bit too small for our event.

Alex has decided that he needs to see a floor plan before we cancel. I’m saddened but that’s what I get for not looking at a place prior to booking it, who does that?!?

Apparently there is room for 50ish people but we’re more in the 80-100 range. Unless no one shows up which is my biggest fear. I’m also afraid I’ll have no one at my bachelorette party & bridal shower, but that’s a whole different story.

I asked Alex last night if he wanted to do the wedding in Brooklyn and he said no, he’s pretty resolute about it.

Now I have no wedding planner and the only other one I know of is WAY out of my price range. Not that I even have a price range… It’s more of a desperate “how much of this shizz can we do for free” kind of motion. I’m going to try and figure out how to not use flowers, at all.

It’s really hard to try and forge ahead in a nontraditional way when I’ve been so sucessfully programmed to seek out the options that are tried and true. All of my ideas are uninspired regurgitations of that which I’ve seen before.

I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m not freaking out, yet. But will soon I think.

Thank G-d for Alex, he’s totally positive and in control.

He tried on suits yesterday and found one by Theory which he likes. I was pleasantly surprised by his taste.

Our party is going to be absolutely perfect, we just have to figure out how…

Sorry no link today, I’m doing a remote post from Central Park with tourists swarming all around. My life does not suck.

As always, thank you for reading. Your comments, thoughts and ideas are very welcome!

3 thoughts on “Square one ish-le-claus

  1. BOOMLEO says:

    Check out the suite i tried on. The model is not doing the outfit justice.
    Also matching pants.

  2. Laura Davis says:

    Jenni! Everything will be great! Let me know if me or my family can help in anyway…and P.S. I would so be at your Bachelorette Party and Shower! 🙂

  3. jamiemalone says:

    Skip the flowers and spend the money on booze! Love you, miss you and I think you are amazing. Tell Alex hi for me and hang in there, it will all be over soon enough.

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