Hands on, Hand off!

Hello Friends –

I have absolutely fallen in love with brooch bouquets!

Look how pretty!

Alex and I went thrifting this weekend after a fabulous brunch for the birthday boy at Flatbush Farm http://www.flatbushfarm.com/, (Thanks Dad!) to try and locate some of these pretty little things so that I can begin my collection to assemble my funky retro bouquets (one for me + five for my ladies) and then trying to find something comparable yet manly to pin on the groom and his dudes.

We were unlucky as most of the brooches I likes were priced at 30 per piece, my research has told me I need about 60 pieces, which puts my bouquet close to 1K which totally cancels out my no flower rule to save money deal.

Back to square diddle diddle one.

Today Alex and I have been together for two years. I love him so very much and am relieved that he is taking over this wedding, I feel so calm about it and am aware of how blessed I am that he is so darn hands on. We are going to have a magical dinner this evening at The Farm on Adderley (http://thefarmonadderley.com/) which is officially my new favorite restaurant in New York.

Things are coming along; I have been given a writing assignment for TheFrisky.com to come up with a piece about my wedding planning journey with Alex. It will be nice to get paid for writing, right into the wedding fund!!! The funny thing is, that even after all of the writing I have been doing here, I have writers block and cannot think of a thing to write. I don’t want to come across as a whiny princess but they want me to discuss the challenges we are facing. It will be fine I am sure, I just have to take the first step and go to battle to vanquish the blinking cursor!

Thank you for all the love and support; I am blessed by your readership.

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I wish you all the very best!

 ~ Jenni

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