The boy’s on FIRE!


Alex has officially taken over the wedding. Those who know him I am sure completely saw this coming. I am reduced to simply answering yes or no when we are faced with a decision. He has chosen a reception venue, a ceremony site, and against my wishes a menu, that has a carving station…

Last night I had to draw the line when he informed me, that Best Man (Dima), would be in charge of choosing our wedding song line up. Music is the very essence of my soul (hello melodramatic psycho!); I will not relinquish that right anytime soon. Though I must admit, for the most part, Mr. Yakhnis does have great taste in tunes.

We have the idea for our theme, and we have an idea for our logo… it’s getting kind of exciting. I exuberantly spouted my ideas for our cake situation last night on the subway returning from our soccer game and got shut down with an immediate, no.   Never fear pals, I usually get my way with him as I only fight for the things I truly have a vision for. That is how he operates as well. Por ejemplo – there are stains of acrylic paint and gesso covering our living room and bedroom rugs that my Type A man has not mentioned b/c he is saving the fights for when I really step over the line, my artsy explosions are permitted and enjoyed, not frowned upon.

I found a great wedding website – Clicky – and got a ton of fun ideas. The off beat bride… sounds like me! Its a really fun blog, you should definitely check it out! Especially my fellow brides to be: Leeron, Andie, Kathleenie… etc.

I have been discussing with my mom a lot and she has given me insight on what truly matters after the wedding. Family and Friends. I will never have such a gathering again and my time with all of you is really what matters most. So, this wedding may not be the impressive gala, or rock star bizarro land I’d envisioned at both ends of the spectrum, but will rest comfortably somewhere in the middle in a perfect Fusion of my groomzilla and me.

It will not be glamorous or ritzy, because we are not. It will not be opulent or outlandish, cuz we’re not that either. Instead, it will be fun and handsome, just like my Alex, and perhaps a bit silly and outrageous, just like me. 

Thank you for reading!


One thought on “The boy’s on FIRE!

  1. BOOMLEO says:

    Nice baby,
    Dima does have good taste in music and he is the only one that know exactly what we both like.
    We are still looking for a logo for our wedding if anyone is feeling creative and does not mind hearing no.
    We do what we can and make it great.

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