Put a sock in it

I tried on dresses.

Yep, I took the plunge and headed to the Lovely Bridal Shop, cuz lets face it, I am pretty f-ing lovely.

The first dress I tried on zipped up and fit like  glove, yay recession starvation diet!!! I thought it was the one and then I saw a photograph and it makes my tata’s look National Geo-riffic! No thank you.

The next dress was like a shapeless nightie and I felt like I should be carrying an oil lantern, speaking with an English accent, looking for ghosts in my uncle’s castle in Brighton. “Whats going on?”

The third was a nightmare in lace, the fourth was a mermaid that looked banging from the back, thank you Exercise TV Free videos, but looked like Clydesdale hooves in the front. What the?!?

As I was heading to the dressing room to leave, my future sis-in-law made it. F U MTA. I tried on the dresses I liked and got her opinion, which was… Try more on.

All of the dresses I tried on were way out of my price range, think > 3K. Too rich for my poor blood.

We returned to my hood and Emily drew out our vision for the invites which is amazing! I cannot wait to show it off! Save the dates go out in a couple of months and Alex and I bought a silk screening kit. We will literally be making our invitations, HANDMADE Y’ALL.

That’s all on the news front.

I wrote a wedding article – Check it – and it was mentioned in my reader reaming, that I was bashing all of the weddings I had been to. That is CERTAINLY not the case, all of the weddings I have been to are gorgeous in their own way and as varied as the beautiful women who wore white for them. Please don’t ever think I am laying into your events, my lovely friends. I just want my type of party, as you did when you were planning.

Have a fabulous day, thank you so much for reading!


ps – if in your travels you spot a floral brooch that is inexpensive and pretty, will you please pick it up and send it over? I need to collect a ton and am thinking with all of you lovelies scattered across the globe, it would be nice to get a varied sampling!

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