It takes a village

Hi all –

To switch things up today I am sharing an email I sent out to my bridesmaids yesterday so you know where my head is at.


My dear sweet ladies,

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.  ~Elisabeth Foley

We have 280 days left until the wedding. I know this is quite a bit of time but we are all ridiculously busy, with big moves, babies, school and work. I think having more time is better than being rushed and crazy. Just to get us all on the same page I wanted to let you know the details so far and what it is that I foresee for the big event.

First, thank you so much for agreeing to be in my wedding. I cannot believe I am getting married; CRAZY! You have all been amazing pillars in my support system in one way or another and I am honored to have you as friends.

I am planning on having someone to do our hair and makeup the day of and would rather us all stay in one place together the preceding evening (on the island preferably).

I’ll be arriving into town a week before the wedding to stay at my mom’s to construct the favors, centerpieces and whatnot. Anyone that wants to help is more than welcome, the more the merrier, we could use the hands.

Also we need to brainstorm, meaning I’d love any ideas you have, for housing for out-of-town guests. Ideally we’d like to rent a couple of houses or something. I am not sure really what to do, but I guess this is all part of the magical wedding experience.

Wedding weekend – We’ll have a rehearsal dinner Friday night, but it’s going to be more of a party to celebrate us all being together. Then we, hopefully, will head to our hotel. The next day we will pamper and prep and I, no doubt, will be a horror. Then we have the wedding, ceremony and reception both at Golf Course. The “Morning After Brunch” will be hosted by my mother.

Bachelorette party – I want to do a Vegas weekend in the spring. I am most looking forward to a day by the pool with all of you! Again, I am open to suggestions on all fronts or you can get a dialogue going amongst yourselves.

Bridal Shower – My mother will be hosting my Bridal Shower in the spring, as well, not sure how it’s going to work but we’ll make it happen!

Wedding attire – I am not going to make you all dress the same. All of you has a great style that is all your own. So feel free to rock it in any way you choose.  My only request is that your dress be navy blue and that you wear tan or nude shoes, please don’t spend a fortune! Get something you’ll wear again.

Here are some dress ideas:

Pinstripe Pencil $$$$

One shoulder goddess Mini $$$

One Shoulder Maxi $$$

Strapless Conservative $$$

Fun Print $$

Eyelet Sailor Short $$

Spicy Sequins! $$

Short and strapless $

Spaghetti Straps $

Strapless Maxi $

Shoe ideas:

Ridiculous and Amazing $$$$$$

Mary Jane Wedge $$$

Lace-up Wedge $$

Peep toe Cage Pump $$

Wood Wedge $

Strappy Lace-up Sandal $

High Thick Heel $

I’d prefer that the dresses be “sash-able” so that I can tie us all together somehow, but if not, no worries.  The party is going to be cocktail attire so preferably no cotton or super casual dresses. I will probably provide your jewelry so don’t plan on any crazy statement pieces.  In addition, please don’t go shiny. I hate patent leather and satin… but do what makes you feel good. Once you buy your dress, please shoot me an image so that I can get a vision for what we are working with.

Hair – I am thinking a low side bun accented by a floral brooch or pin, nothing too crazy, just a nice touch to tie my bouquet into the wedding, if we get enough brooches your bouquets will be a smaller version of mine. Nails – I would like us all to have a French manicure, but your fingers and toes can be any color you want.  Makeup – I’ll have someone there doing mine and I am sure that we can work it so she can do yours; though if you’d rather do your own, god bless you.

The Knot tells me to send you an email informing you what I expect from you, I feel weird about doing that. Nevertheless, here goes: I’d like for you to all work together to plan a fun, affordable bachelorette party for us all to enjoy and perhaps reach out to my mom when she is in the planning process of the bridal shower and brunch.  I want to know that if I start to freak out, you’ll be there to pick me up and dust me off. As the wedding date approaches, I may need more communication but as of now, this is where I stand.  Also please keep your eye out for flower brooches, if you see one that is cheap, please pick it up and send it to either my mother or I, we’re working on constructing my bouquet. It will look something like this. Click here

I hope I don’t sound nuts, please tell me if I become a bridezilla. I won’t bore you with any other details but I have more to share if you’re interested.

Love you all, so much.


Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends.  ~Virginia Woolf

Thank you all for reading, I am consistently amazed that so many of you care to read my frantic meanderings!


2 thoughts on “It takes a village

  1. Laura Davis says:

    I love the flower brooches idea!!! So awesome.
    AND of course I love that you are going to VEGAS!
    Are you thinking lazy river? 🙂

  2. Laura Davis says:

    P.S. I will be on the lookout for flower brooches to send!

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