My eyes are burning!

I am still a good 200 and a half days out from my wedding and I can feel something dark and sinister stirring deep inside, that is slowing growing in power and majesty. Something that at an extremely unfortunate time and place, I fear, will spring forth from my being and wrap tenacious claws around victims with chilling precision and awesome strength. This faction is not benevolent. The only kindness it will show will be to those who bow and scrape, begging for mercy as they flee its hideous presence in terror.

Bridezilla – she is lurking. I can tell in the way I react to things. I have never wanted to scream or tear my hair out when someone mentioned cake or flowers. I don’t recall ever seeing a white dress in a window and wanting to hurl a brick through the glass. I have not ever looked at a menu and been incensed that one of the options was a salsa and chip bar.

It is sad that something so beautiful makes relatively sane individuals into raging lunatics. It’s happening to me, it’s happening to Alex, it is scary. I have watched shows before depicting brides and grooms who behave in despicable and abhorrent ways. I was always shocked and appalled, but now I kind of get it. This wedding beast takes over, seeps into your pores and chills you to your core.

We’ll be able to keep a lid on our demons, we’re good people. Alex is better at being nice than I am. But we keep each other in check, we laugh together and when we have a quiet moment we dance. That slows the whole thing down and restores perspective. I am hoping for many quiet dances in our near and far future. A tender portable hug is good for the soul especially when you’re attempting to murderize the inner beastie.

Thanks for reading!


P.s. – brooches, brooches, brooches

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