Shocker – Wedding. Not. Happening.

Alex and I have postponed our wedding indefinitely. Neither of us has the resources necessary to handle the planning or PAYING at this point. Even though Alex thinks I am old and that we have to get married soon so that we have children with one head instead of three, we are pushing the date back to– we don’t know when.

All right, I know that those of you close to us are rolling your eyes at our indecision, but you can stuff it. Seriously. This was a tough call and we are both pretty heartbroken about it, but it’s not realistic for us right now. So I’d say – regarding the jokes, make them to yourself, then punch yourself in the head. I don’t have the energy.

Hopefully soon we will gain some steady footing and get back on track. We would rather be able to provide a wonderful party that  all enjoy rather than cut corners and regret decisions. We’re pretty awesome that way. All will work out, we have faith in the knowledge that all things work together for good.

Thank you for your kind and loving support.

I look forward to what the future brings and will continue the blog as there are  some awesome ladies getting married soon and now as I am no longer  hampered by budget and time frame I can expound freely.

Good luck to all!

Thank you for reading.


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