Tumbling Tumbleweed

Ok fine – perhaps it was a bit melodramatic to say that the wedding wasn’t happening. Alex and I have decided that we’re going to push it all back a year. So now we’re talking about May 2012. Seems a long way off, but I have school to deal with and he’s still struggling to find a job that appreciates and pays him accordingly.

For now, until we dive headlong back into specifics, I want to show you some of my favorite finds and perhaps get the wheels turning for those of you who are planning your own fabulous soirees!

Lets start with jewelery – Who doesn’t love a long rope of pearls, a flashy statement piece embellished perfectly, or a tasteful strand of jewels mixed with a funky chain? When getting ready for your big day, jewelery is one of the most important and often overlooked part of you decor. The perfect necklace can complete a look while the wrong one can be distracting and mess with lines and proportions. Problem –  it’s expensive, especially the nice stuff. sometimes you can find a cheap gem, literally and figuratively, that is a stunning accoutrement to your get up. However a lot of cheap jewelry looks, well, cheap. looking cheap is bad, as in not acceptable, DO NOT do it bad. So if your budget is more David’s than Kleinfield’s try renting your jewelry!

Rent the runway has a ton of great options! So does Avelle, but they charge a subscription fee and for some reason their site strikes me as a bit shady.

Keep an eye out for the sample sales on online sites such as: Gilt, Ideeli, Top Secret, Rue La La, Beyond the Rack… I am probably leaving some out, feel free to comment with the ones I missed. These can provide you with your jewelry, dress, shoes, shades, heck even your honeymoon and wine! In addition, subscribing to Daily Candy is a great way to find out about local designers and sample sales!

Blue Fly and Shop Bop are both great as well for discounted designer duds. There is a great selection on both sites. Also I swear by Shop Style if you are looking for something specific, you can find everything fashion related there and the filtering options ensure that you find exactly what you want precisely in your price range.

I think that’s enough options for today. Always check the return option when shopping online. Some sample sales are not eligible for return and others only for credit rather than refund. Be aware of the ship date and don’t cut it close, ever. That just adds unnecessary stress, which is bad for the skin and heart and as my mom always says “Don’t borrow trouble”.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday! Happy Shopping!

Also, one of my wonderful girlfriends just started a fashion line, PRIM, it is amazing, super pretty and feminine, but edgy too! Check them out!

Thanks for reading!


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