Get the F*#% over it.

On your wedding day, Be yourself, no need to tart yourself up to GaGa proportions:

Lady Gaga at the 2010 Grammys

or try to outdo Sarah Jess and her bizarre head fancies:

SJP at her movie premiere

Keep your head-gear in check and tasteful. Classic is what works best and all should aspire to:

I promise. I am rude, opinionated; I know what I am talking about. The most important rule for brides is  – stay true to yourself and go with what is comfortable.

Why become a character on the day that is solely about pledging your undying devotion to your true love? That makes no sense. If anything, this day is when it is most important to be yourself. It’s not about playing a part, or becoming what you think everyone else wants.

Keep your damn perspective, lady.

There will be a ton of advice flooding your consciousness, most of it is bad. The thinly veiled suggestions – read: familial demands – take with a grain of salt. You don’t have to try to please everyone. That’s not what it is about. Many brides I have spoken to bemoan the bad advice they took. You know what you want and what is in your heart is what you should follow. Now I am not talking about the extravagant crazy fantasy wedding with millions of Swarovski crystals dripping from elm trees lining the corridor of The Plaza Hotel. At some point we all, for the most part, have to let these dreams go. You’ve had practice, remember that pony you wanted back in 2nd grade? Goosfraba…

Do what YOU want. This event is going to put you in debt in one way or another; be it financially or relationally. Enjoy the ride. Don’t freak out if your mom doesn’t want to come to the food tasting, let it go. Trust your instincts. Ignore the bratty sales girl who insinuates that you are a fatty. If you want the expensive dress and have the resources, buy it, ignore grandma. Love her when she cries at lunch.

It’s a journey for everyone involved. Have compassion for those along for the ride. If you have to call it off or put it on hold a year, its okay, its okay, its okay, its okay. Oh, sorry, where was I?

Keep your perspective, keep it real and keep on truckin’. It’s one day in the rest of your life; then babies, mortgages, and wrinkles come, if they have not reared up before the big day.

Speaking of wrinkles – a ton of my friends have been shopping for a new skin care regimen. Philosophy Make-up Optional is by far the best! I recommend it highly! I have run out and cannot afford to replace yet, excuse my haggard raggedness. Do not take my skin as an indication of its magical powers. I assure you that this one is phenomenal.

Thank you for reading and a HUGE thanks to my incredible friend, Ms. Darlene Jennings, for sending my first two brooches! They are gorgeous, pics to follow soon. So excited to get the collection started. Have a wonderful day all!

Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “Get the F*#% over it.

  1. Mark Stephens says:

    Love the new blog. Your writing is so wry and witty.

  2. Alex says:

    Good work baby. If you hold true to your words Ill do all the freaking out.

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