Ring in the new…

Hi Friendly pals – I really love Offbeat Bride, it’s a great site. This blog entry made me cry and helped me gain perspective. It’s perfect and gorgeous. Enjoy ~ J

An offbeat bride’s vows to herself

OMG OBT Guestpost by monicawesome on November 09, 2010

Tribe member monicawesome wrote some pretty down to Earth vows to herself in preparation for her wedding day. We think every bride could benefit from this little personal vow pep-talk. -Megs

Just a little something to remind me what it’s REALLY about… and make me laugh at myself when I get too stressed.

  • This is not the most important day of my life. The day Nick and I realized we wanted to spend out lives together was much more significant than the day we will make it legal. I have had more important days than this, and I will continue to have more important days.
  • I refuse to pretend to be someone I’m not in order to please other people. I will not fool myself into thinking my family and friends have to drop their lives to help me with my wedding.


  • I will not put on airs. I will not kid myself or pretend to be something, or someone, that I am not. I am not wealthy, I am not a princess, I am not super-formal or cookie-cutter. I do not fit in with the crowd. I am a beautiful, elegant, unique person, and I will let my real self shine on this day.
  • I will let my worries about what other people think GO, and not be swayed so easily by what other people think (but isn’t necessarily right or the best thing). I MUST remember this, no matter how much I love them.
  • I will try to not be stressed. I will try to not be too sensitive, as I usually am.
  • I will not lose it if the flowers aren’t everything I hoped for or the cake isn’t the color I wanted.
  • I will not care if I cry too much and the pictures show it.
  • I will be flexible. I will not cry if the song order is wrong, or I trip on my way out of the carriage.
  • I will relax. I will take time to just enjoy all our favorite people.
  • I will take in the all the love instead of worrying about when to cut the cake.
  • I will kiss my groom whenever possible.
  • I will kiss my mother whenever possible.
  • I will think about the words during the ceremony, and feel them, and squeeze my husband’s hand.
  • I will LAUGH, and HUG EVERYONE, and DANCE!

One thought on “Ring in the new…

  1. jamiemalone says:

    this made me remember my wedding and appreciate what a beautiful day it was, full of love, family and gratitude for the adundance of our lives. Thanks for sharing Jenni, it made me smile on a not-so-great day.

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