Hi Pals –

Sorry for the long gap between posts, this semester has been a bear. Lots of people are getting engaged, or having babies or a combination of the two, with a wedding thrown in here and there. I am  a bit saddened by the need to push our wedding back. But in my searches and longing I have found some cute/ cool stuff I wanted to share.

Here goes:

NAME HANGER – How cute are these? If you plan on buying one of these for yourself or a friend, be sure to add enough time for the hangar to be made and delivered. 8-10 week lead time! Last minute is no good!

ACCESSORIZE your dress with a coordinated sash, colored petticoat, shoes combo! Saw this on offbeat bride today and am enamored!

The Perfect PumpMr. Louboutin, you are so good. I am sorry, but come on, perfection deserves a link or two…

That’s all for today.

Have a great week!

~Jenni G.

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