Run away!

Sorry I haven’t written. Life is crazy, isn’t it?

Time slips away and you are left wondering where it all went!

My latest conquest has been to try and convince Alex to elope.

I am thinking somewhere awesome like, St. Lucia or Venice. He says no and wants to “do things right”. But I cannot think of anything more right than saving thousands of dollars and having a wonderful vacation with the man who I love so much. I mean come on. We own nothing; we lived buried in the bowels of Brooklyn. Our own mayor doesn’t see fit to free us from the entrapment of snow so that we can get to work.

Our apartment is falling apart, none of our silverware matches and I just recently broke on of our four wine glasses so we can only have one guest over at a time.

Eloping would be magnificent. We would have an east and west coast reception and just fly the coop and enjoy each other and the wedding process. We could have the folks at Sandals take care of all of the arrangements for us and then we could just bask and relax in the knowledge that we were married and that hoop had been jumped through. The hyper religious relatives would no longer click their tongues at us behind our backs for living in sin.

Getting married – having a wedding is not cost-effective in any way. I recently spoke to a friend who is doing “everything right”. She hired a planner to keep her on track and under budget. Guess what she got when she and her future hub tallied up their totals? The shock and dismay of discovering her planner was 12K over budget. Thankfully they found this in time to work out the kinks but the planner told my friend to cut her guest list. They have sent the save the dates… You can’t send out a ‘forget the date’ retraction…

Such a bummer, this wedding business is a stressful crazy process, who knew?

I want to thank all of you who read so faithfully, it’s nuts to see that there are a ton of you reading, I am honored. I hope that I am not boring you to tears lately with my introspection.

If there are aspects about wedding planning, beauty, or bridal fashion, or anything pertaining to the wedding fiasco you want me to write about please leave me ideas in the comment section!

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season and I wish you the BEST year to come.

I will raise my sparkling glass to all of you very soon!

Have a fabulous celebration!

Much Love – Jenni G.

One thought on “Run away!

  1. Sara Berta says:

    Love you and think this is a FANTASTIC idea! Only you and Alex can decide what “doing the right thing” means for you! Getting married soon and enjoying a well deserved honeymoon sounds amazing, and it doesn’t matter what any friends or family think of the idea! If Alex needs help convincing, let me know. 😉

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