No Dice


Alex with his favorite thing - toothpicks!



I am having no luck encouraging Alex to elope. He is really, really intent on having an extravaganza, bonanza, blowout deal. Who am I to stop him? This is what he wants and I am just tired. Tired of worrying where we will find the money. Tired of worrying about who will or won’t come. Tired of worrying who will offend whom, tired of worrying which coast will alienate the most people. Tired of worrying about how many times we can change trajectories before people just get fed up with us and start to laugh when we mention wedding ideas… Oh wait, that’s happening.

This wedding biz is hard sh*t man. I mean seriously, come on! When did it become such a full-blown, capitalistic dupe? Who in their right mind wants to spend 10’s or even hundreds of thousands on a party that really means nothing. The days leading up to and the days following this event are far more important.

This Sunday as I waited for Alex to get home on Sunday from Football I lovingly prepared my version of Beef Bourguignon for him. I didn’t feel like braving the cold for bacon or for pearl onions and I don’t have a Dutch oven so I used what I had and it turned out great. As prepared each step I thought of how a good marriage is like a good stew…

No, actually I did not. But I DID think about how the traditions you form with your family, or fiancé, or significant other are really the moments where you must nurture and foster your love. On Sundays I cook all morning and watch movies in my underpants and Alex plays a sport with some sort of team. He arrives home in the afternoon and I pause whichever romantic comedy I am watching for the hundredth time and we have a meal together.  He bemoans his loss with orange juice or has a beer in celebration of a victory. We are learning to love each other. We talk about the week we have just survived, we make plans for the next, we vent about our frustrations or encourage each other regarding job prospects. Both of us have yet to find something full-time. At some point, this Sunday tradition that is green and new with our young love will bloom to encompass children. These are the moments that are most important and always will be.

For these moments I am thankful that our wedding planning has hit a snag. I am thankful that when we plan this wedding we both know what is important to us and we are both totally stoked and excited to make things ourselves. We have already picked out our wedding favors and they are awesome! We have the foundation strongly attached to what our hopes and fears for the event are and they are not about flowers, cake or food. They are about Music and dancing and laughter and the opportunity to show our families and friends how much we appreciate them.

Love fest – that’s what we are aiming for. We are just a bit shallow in the pocket region. But C’est la vie, we are young, happy, nauseatingly in love and I make some damn good stew.

Thanks for reading.


Ps – I am sorry for the gap in writing I am working on a shoe blog and it is turning into a Magnum Opus!!! Keep your eyes peeled you won’t want to miss it. Shoe ideas in every color and not your dyed to match nightmares either!

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