For the love of Shoes – WHITE

Normally I dislike white shoes. I used to think they were not a valid options on a day where you should proclaim your bold, fabulous and unique perspective on the  love-fest wedding day… but… despite my preconceptions, I have found some that are pretty darn cool and may have switched me over to fan-dom.

So without further ado, here are some lovely shoe options for your white wedding!

Ok so the first are a bit Pollyanna goes to a strip club but they’re cool –

Teeze Button Boot - $80

Next we have a more traditional style. The bow is a little silly but it’s a nice, graceful sandal with tasteful flair.

Badgley Miscka Xavier - $133

I saw these on a girl last summer, and I stopped her on the street. Which I never do. The straps are nice and solid and what better foot gear for a summer or spring wedding than an espadrille? Thank you Mr. Weitzman from bringing back the Alex!

Stuart Weitzman Alex - $365

One of my friends, is a fabulous musician, which pardons him for a number of questionable style choices, texted me from a wedding. He boasted that he was wearing white snake-skin boots. At the time I recoiled in horror, glad I was not his date. But… in hindsight it’s pretty damn rock & Roll. Horn’s up!

ANACONDA Off White Western Mock Snakeskin Boots - $190

Look at these pretty little ladies – oh and you can’t beat the price – LOVE!

Proudly Posh Heel - $55

Mr. McQueen – there are no words for your brilliance. RIP

Alexander McQueen 261537 WAIY1 - $1260

I am not normally a fan of Choo – but these are just too darn cute!

Jimmy Choo "Urban" White Snake Wood Sandals - $395

Pretty and sweet, a nice little platform pump with a splash of floral, why not?

Steve Madden KARMENAF - $129

And finally – the perfect sling back pump. **Swoon**

Christian Louboutin So Private - $795

Tips for wearing white shoes –

  • Most importantly – Wear whatever you want. It’s your day. If you want to wear Vans or Docs, do it. I think that would be kind of cool. If your feet hurt, you will not enjoy anything! Trust me.
  • Make sure your whites match. If your shoes look dingy and yellow next to your dress or vice versa, the pics wont be awesome. Be aware.
  • Have a touch up kit. Your shoes will get dirty. If uncle Phil has too many vodkas and stomps your Loub’s during the money dance before you get the money shot of you and your bridesmaid’s from the ankles down, make sure someone has a buffing cloth.
  • Enjoy your night. a) it’s just a party b) it’s just shoes.

As always, thank you for reading. We’ve got more colors to follow. Check back soon!

Have a great week!

Jenni G.

One thought on “For the love of Shoes – WHITE

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