Warm it up Kris!

I’m about to.

Warm it up Kris!

That’s what I was born to do!

Yeah – it’s gross outside. I’m not thinking about weddings rather, I’m focused on how to get through this day without becoming a cranky beast. Above is a video from long ago and below are my sister’s and my aptly chosen work shoes. I am in NYC, of course. Lisa Lynn is in London. She works for a construction company in a creative capacity. No matter how dreadful the weather, your shoes should be good. Don’t you think? Both pairs of shoes were less than $40, too.

I bought these recently as a result of a similar (but much better) blog to my white shoe post. Ariel at Offbeat Bride is certainly an inspiration for me with a great book and 3 great blogs: OBB, OffBeat Mama and OffBeat Home on the way.

Without further ado, here are my shoes. They were called bloody pump and I just could not resist.

Ode to Tarantino - via foot covers.

Lisa’s Shoes are a bit more romantic, completely adorable. I am trying to get more info on them as I type. Stay tuned for details.

Lisa's "Site boots"

Hope you are all staying warm and dry.

If you’re wearing cute shoes to work as well, please send me a pic (jennigiglio@gmail.com) and I will post them throughout the day.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenni G.

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