Ooh girl – cover dem thangs up!

Some ladies don’t like to bare it all when heading to a formal function. Rumor has it, to show too much skin is actually bad manners. Most dresses are sleeveless and some even strap-less. How do you showcase your frock and still get enough coverage that Aunt Mildred does not discover your gorgeous, inked sleeve wraps around your neck and flows down your shoulders?

Read on princess! I’ve found some great ways to cover up without ruining your style, no matter what your price range or taste!

Check it out!

This first one is dark and dangerous. Awesome beading and heavy fabric make this a great cover up for any winter wedding.

Alice by Temperly Charlie Cape - $455

Next we have a delicate shrug with some serious embellishment. Perfect for dressing up last year’s LBD or any frock you choose to adorn with this great accoutrement.

Aminaka Wilmont - beaded silk crepe bolero - $1045

This cold weather cape is one part Jackie O’ and one part Glamo-saurus Rex.

Cape May - $94.99

This gorgeous coat is pretty enough to wear on its own.

Countess of Monte Cristo Coat - $117.99

A phenomenal blazer perfect for spicing up any solid frock you have in your collection!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dee Dee sequined wool bolero - $500

This romantic blazer is perfect for winter, spring or summer weddings!

Lace in the Morning Blazer - $84.99

This one is a bit funky, I agree and OMG what the heck kind of outfit is it paired with? Perfectly suited for a jewel tone shift or cocktail dress!

MARNI Sequin Cape - $ 395.00

I love Milly. This bolero is delicate and fierce at the same time. It will look great with any dress. Even for a bride!

Milly Sequin-embellished tulle bolero - $355

I love this one for the perfect pop of color. This one is really polished and a great way to pull an outfit together. I think it would be awesome to pair it with a matching shoe or chunky emerald cuff!

Miu Miu Ribbon Detail Satin Bolero – $1,063

Finally, my favorite, a fitted leather jacket. This one has great structured shoulders and sassy zippers all over the place. Awesome for making sure you dont look too cutesy no matter how many bows your bridesmaid’s dress has on it!

Worn to be Wild Jacket - $94.99

Now excuse me, as the screams outside my Times Square window reach a fever pitch, I think it is time to escape the madness. That’s right people, there is a Bieber on the loose and from what I hear, his histrionic fans are badass. I’d like to make it to date night with my future hub intact. So I must away.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenni G.

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