J+A *10.29.11*

The latest letter to my bridesmaids…

Hello ladies –

As I have called you all sporadically the past few weeks to say, the wedding planning is back on. We are locked in for a 10-29-11 wedding in North Brunswick, New Jersey. My aunt’s house is a lovely place and we are going to save major bucks choosing this spot.

My dream wedding? Hell no, that would have been at Laresort.com. But sometimes for love, family and life other things take priority. I am happy and in love and that’s all that matters.

Here are some events and suggested time lines.
Bachelorette party – in SD? late August?

Bridal shower – perhaps that same weekend at my mom’s house? (cc’d above)

The wedding weekend will be as follows:

10-28 – Rehearsal Dinner & Welcome party

10-29 – Ceremony & Reception

10-30 – Farewell/ Thank You Brunch

You are all welcome to stay with me at my aunt’s house if you wish. We’ll be getting ready there. I will have hair and makeup people for you if you want; but if you’d rather do your own that’s cool too.

If you have dates: Hampton Inn and Hilton are both close and we will arrange transportation to and from the hotel and events for all who travel in. We’ll arrange for group discounts at both. You’ll fly in to Newark airport (EWR) and New Brunswick is a few stops away via train.

Dresses – Still navy, if you find one you like at Rent the Runway I will foot the bill. Just let me know. Brooke found hers on Gilt. Also Rue La la, Swirl, and Ideeli are great places to look! Wear something that makes you feel pretty and makes you happy. Jess is looking for something long and Mandy is waiting on Anthropologie.

This is a party, that’s it. I am so blessed to have you all in my life and cannot wait to share a glass of champagne and experience you all laughing around me.

No stress.

Slap me down if I get psycho.

As far as planning goes, feel free to start a conversation amongst yourselves if you have any specific questions Alex is copied too and he is, believe it or not, doing the bulk of the planning.

I am going to be crazy until August when I graduate but am here for any ideas you care to bounce off of me.

Please be on the look out for cool brooches for my bouquet and any fun wedding ideas you see, pass along.

Can’t wait!!!


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