Survive the last of the wedding crash!

You’ve had it!

You are cash poor, credit strapped and you hate every dress in your closet.

You’ve worn the heels off all of your favorite shoes and the thought of re-wearing anything again makes you very sad.

None of you girlfriends is the same size or has any taste and you just want something new and pretty to wear to your high school girlfriend’s late summer or fabulous coworker’s fall wedding…

Perhaps you are a bride and you have blown your wad on the fabulous party you are about to throw. Though you are in love with your gown (found at Lovely or the Bridal Garden, or BHLDN ~LOVE ALL!); you just want a little white number to sport in case you need a backup at the reception (red wine!), something for the day after brunch or (ACK!) You forgot to buy something for the rehearsal dinner!

Who’s with me on this one?

Whatever the case – There are some great, current, non-clearance items that you can buy for under $100 that will have you spic and sparkling in no time. Nothing is sample sale today, all are up on various websites and available for you to purchase immediately.

LATE SUMMER WEDDING – You can wear whatever color you want basically, except try to stay away from the boring blacks or grays. Most of us have a tan by now, and for those of us that will be bundled up soon it is a great last hurrah to sport some awesome colors and stand out in pictures!

FALL WEDDING – Jewel Tones, Jewel Tones, Jewel Tones! Don’t go for the black dress, unless you have some awesome flashy heels… more on that next week. Give yourself a brush up of self-tanner slap on the bronzer and keep the colors bright.

LAST MINUTE BRIDAL STEALS– Do the LWD – Here are some super cute options for the brides-to-be. The weekend of the wedding, keep in the spirit of things with lovely little white numbers.

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