Voices from the past….

Hi All –

Just found a poem I wrote when Alex and I started dating. We were in the dark space of exciting, scared unknowns. Alex was 24 and I was 29 when we met. At the time the age difference seemed insurmountable. He was not ready for anything serious and I wished for him to magically become a decade older. We both got laid off: so  lost and wandering. We embraced each other. This spring we will commit to wandering together for the long haul. I found this little ditty this morning in an old notebook and dissolved in tears, remembering the scared girl I was, afraid to love again and terrified of facing heartbreak as this fling could certainly not end well. How mistaken I was.

Dark to Light
Growing yet dim
Can I bring hope to life?
Is it him?
Breath it catches
Back of throat
Is it possible?
All she wrote?
Days to nights
They turn
He stays
This one, it seems
Just won’t go away
Renewing faith
In possibility
Has someone finally found
Something worthy in me?
Cross my heart and hope to die
Stick a needle in my eye
Fairy tale ending for this old girl
Is it my turn to give “ever after” a whirl?
Dare I hope?
Dare I dream?
Please stay quiet
Don’t wake, don’t scream
Hold me close
Never let me go
I’ve waited longer
Than you know
Every waking moment
Cart-wheel through my mind
Peace approaching
Thankful for life
Anything you want love
All is yours
From earth to sky
From sea to shore
Please kiss my lips
Hold me tight
My strength
My friend
My heaven
My knight

3 thoughts on “Voices from the past….

  1. Laurie says:

    Such a wonderful poem. Sounds just like Alex! There is nothing like falling in love. I’m so glad you found each other.

  2. Vintage says:

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