My Dear Alex

Clouds lift
Swept away by the tingle of your fingers
Open eyes open mind open heart open-mouthed
I come to you
Please find in me the thing
The thing that you are looking for
The thing that makes you whole as you
Have made me

Why do you come
Why do you come back
Why does your road lead to me

Night after night
I hope to long to love to
Find you
Find you sleeping
Find you by my side

You are all
All of it
Each bulleted point I desire
So much
So much more

You made me

2 thoughts on “My Dear Alex

  1. Mark Stephens says:

    So beautiful Jenni. This is heartfelt and lucid. Love it.

  2. Alex S says:

    Thank you baby,
    I love you very much. You are to me what I am to you.

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